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Lisciolite Series

Lisciolite Series is Richxing company continuous long seamless reflective spray printing materials for a new brand. Lisciolite ® reflective spray printing material is Richxing company many years research and development in the major breakthrough in the field of reflective material. [MORE]



JKL products, created with the purpose of increasing road safety, mitigation of claims due to accident, are also well suited for CI purposes when installed on private properties, shopping malls, exhibition cent [MORE]


Richlite Series

In 2005, Richxing Technology created and introduced Richlite, the world's first direct inkjet printable reflective media for the outdoor advertisement industry. We succeeded in combining the inkjet printability of mirco-prismatic reflective with conventional flex... [MORE]


Solution For You

Rrichxing company based on WeiFu Thai technology and core.With its exclusiveness and unique technical effect. Convenient we provide the customers with the unique and effective green flag line superintendent system engineering solutions. [MORE]

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Providing the hight quality products

We committed providing the hight quality products to our customer, then we control our all links from production. Our materail and sales also are the reliable.Among of them is the American Company who provide the reflect light... [MORE]

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